The “little boost platform” will make your "ups" and "downs" a lot easier.

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The “little boost platform” is an affordable alternative to a lift chair. The platform is a uniquely designed product to assist with the sit to stand movement for those who may struggle with standing.

The little boost is a 3 inch high riser for your recliner with non skid pads and a security lip for safety. By elevating your chair 3″ on the platform, your mobility and sense of independence will be richly enhanced.

The “little boost platform” is ideal for those who may suffer from arthritis or who may be recovering from a recent surgery. Many folks may just need a little boost to stand up, not an expensive lift chair.

The “little boost platform” serves as a riser for a recliner; an alternative to a lift chair; an aid in mobility device; and an affordable product to assist in the sit to stand movement that affects so many individuals.

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