Customer Reviews

“Oh my gosh! I am in heaven. This platform makes all the difference in the world. I can just pop up out of my chair "as easy as pie" ... I am going to love my Little Boost. ”

Donna - Satisfied Customer

"Mom often had trouble standing up from low recliner. She loves the little "boost" this platform gives her. It makes standing a breeze".

Barbara - Satisfied Customers

The platform is sturdy and provides just the extra height needed so that a tall person can rise without injury. I have arthritis and could not rise without assistance until I got the platform. I have purchased two and totally satisfied. Pricey, but worth it.

Jane - Amazon Customer

"Ordered this for my mother's recliner. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and gives her chair enough height to sit down easily and get back up easily. The recliner is just as stable as it is on the floor and it has given her back a comfortable place to sit and rest".

Rupert - Satisfied Customer

Mobility problems associated with Alzheimr's have made it difficult for my husband to get in & out of his recliner. I priced lift recliners & found they run $700 - $900 & Medicare does not cover the entire cost. Little Boost has solved our problem completely & my husband can get in & out of his recliner without my help now. You have solved the problem, and saved us money & saved my back! What a blessing!

Nancy - RN - Very Happy Customer

"The Little Boost has been a knee saver for me. That little bit of elevation takes the stress off my knees when when I get out of my recliner. Also, since I recently broke my right shoulder, it has been a lifesaver as I can't use that arm to push myself up! Thank you so much for this marvelous device.

Susan - Receptionist

"The platform arrived and I put it in place on Saturday. Thank you so much!! It is perfect and beautifully made! I'm in the process of scheduling hip replacement surgery and was worried I'd not be able to use the recliner because of its low seat height. Now it is perfect! I hope you have some idea of what a wonderful product and service you provide for those of us with arthritis and/or mobility problems."

Christina - Happy Customer